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interdisciplinary program for nonviolence *


PIVE is the Interdisciplinary Program for Nonviolence . It is an experiential program of comprehensive training in diversity, gender perspective, social inclusion and culture of peace. Through intercultural workshops and community interactions, we explore creative solutions to contemporary problems and conflicts. With methods that use the corporal, the affective and the cognitive, we land concepts, strategies and tools for healthy coexistence. We train artists, officials, police and other members of the community with empathetic pedagogies and innovative techniques.

  • Contribute to the construction of a culture of peace and Nonviolence

  • Social inclusion for everyone

  • Promote a gender perspective

  • Promote valuation and coexistence in diversity

  • Strengthen identities under construction

  • Eradicate all forms of social and labor discrimination

  • Build bridges with the creativity that each one possesses

  • Generate creative and diverse work teams




Each workshop is specifically designed to achieve the goals and enable positive changes in each organization and space. The formations are interdisciplinary and playful. We work with interculturalists, dance therapists, community psychologists and from other disciplines to achieve truly transformative experiences.

As a team, we have trained thousands of teachers, artists, government officials and police officers in non violent intercultural strategies for their communities, in Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru.



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